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We have our 2015 brochures from Cox and Kings.  The Orient is once again a great destination.  Visit India with its beautiful palaces and fabulous scenery.  The “Highlights of India” stays at the best hotels in Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi and Agra, home of the famous Taj Mahal.

Aman Hotels has a marvelous package for Bhutan.  They are operating their own hotels and offering a completely planned itinerary.  They will take you from one lodge to another with touring enroute.  All their meat has been imported and as we have come to expect from Aman Hotels is the best, and so it is.  Tourists are limited each year.  Please call us at 713-621-6171.

Now may be your last opportunity to see parts of the Yangtze River.  Ker and Downey suggest a “Yangtze Passage” which will take you from Hong Kong to Guilin, Shanghai, Xian, home of the famous clay warriors, and return from Beijing.  Three days are spent viewing the Three Gorges and a number of other picturesque sections of the Yangtze River.

How about South America, fishing and hunting in Argentina, the mountains of Chile and the excitement of Patagonia?  The samba in Brazil and cruises on the Amazon await you.  Visit the Peru side of the Amazon in conjunction with a tour of Machu Pichu and Cuzco.  Abercrombie and Kent can book the finest hotels in South America for you. Call Tripmakers for details.


India and the Camel Fair at Pushkar

Throughout most of the year, Pushkar appears to be just another tranquil little town along the Thar Desert, but for one week every fall it comes alive in a festival of sights and sounds unlike anywhere else. The Pushkar Fair originated as a festival to honor Lord Brahma, creator god of the Hindu religion, since Pushkar is the site of the only pilgrimage shrine in all of India dedicated to Brahma. Today, the fair is a major cultural event and attendants include musicians, holy men, performers, merchants and, of course, tourists.

Upon joining the fair, you will find yourself surrounded by the experiences and wonders of another world. Camels, one of the centers of the festivities, participate in thrilling desert races and are specially adorned and paraded around for a beauty contest. Amidst the celebration, religious devotees gather to bathe in the sacred waters of Pushkar Lake to wash away their sins. On the night of the full moon, tiny leaf boats are set afloat on the lake’s surface, each lit with a small candle, creating an amazing spectacle of moving, floating stars.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of the fair is the trading and shopping. Horses, goats, sheep and especially camels parade about everywhere as deals are discovered and negotiations are made. Jewelry and crafts are abundant as well. Beaded necklaces, silver ornaments, clothing and pottery are just a few of the offerings that will delight consumers of all kinds. Although alcohol and meat-dishes are prohibited, the vast array of food and drink available will ensure that you will never miss them.



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Experience the wonder for yourself with SITA's:

Regal Rajasthan/Pushkar Tour


From $4,110
Per person sharing. Airfare from $1,220.

Highlights include: Welcome dinner and dance, sunset visit to the Taj Mahal, elephant ride
up to Amber Fort, astrologer visit in Agra, desert camel safari, alfresco dinner and
dances in the desert, and much more!

Space is limited and selling quickly, so book your Pushkar Fair trip today!

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FACT: New Year's resolutions have the highest likelihood of being kept if they are specific, measurable and ENJOYABLE! Here are some great examples:


MIR Corp Celebrating 20 Years
Silk Route Odyssey: Caravan Across Uzbekistan
The center of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is home to three of the most renowned of the Silk Road oases - Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Built from baked desert earth and decorated to reflect the desert sky, these cities beckoned the ancient caravans like shimmering mirages. Per person land package from $5,395
MIR Corporation - 22 Years of Exertise
Volga River Cruise with the Russian National Orchestra
Join the Grammy-award-winning Russian National Orchestra on its spring Volga River Cruise concert tour. Relish the relaxing hours as we slip by peaceful river towns and mingle with world-class musicians, including RNO founder and Artistic Director, Mikhail Pletnev. Disembark for tours and concerts in cities not always found on standard itineraries. As the musicians' fellow travelers, enjoy prime seats for each of the five performances on our cruise.
MIR Corporation - 22 Years of Exertise
Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders and the Ring of Fire
This uncommon journey focuses on Russia's east coast and the wild Kamchatka Peninsula, a wide volcanic promontory thrusting upward from the Pacific Ring of Fire. Spend a week exploring this spectacular region by cross-country vehicle and helicopter, meeting its diverse people en route
MIR - Over 20 Years Experience - Unrivaled Expertise
Trans-Mongolian Route by Private Train
From the Moscow Kremlin to the Siberian taiga and the Mongolian steppe, this private train journey celebrates three different cultures: that of the modern Muscovite, hailing a taxi in front of an 800-year-old palace; the Baikal Siberian, proud heir of Cossacks, indigenous Buryats and czarist political exiles; and the Mongolian nomad, drawn to the capital, UlaanBaatar, for the beloved Naadam Festival. The Trans-Mongolian operates from Moscow to UlaanBaatar and vice versa, with Naadam included in both directions






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