Family Vacations


Tauck Tours has a popular program is called Bridges.  It is designed specifically for grandparents and grandchildren.  This is a great idea for grandmothers and granddaughters to travel together and enjoy a special experience.  They include a number of trips within the U. S. as well as Latin America and Europe.

Some suggestions are Montana Big Sky Adventures.....8 day/7night excursion featuring 2 nights each in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  Relive the wild west with ranch visits, white-water rafting and chuckwagon cookouts.

Another is the Galapagos Wildlife Wonderland, viewing the natural habitat explored by Charles Darwin.  Families walk among bluefooted boobies and sea iguanas.  These are experiences children and adults will never forget.

Club Med has many family destinations around the world.  Whether your choice is skiing or scuba diving or anything in between, Club Med has a spot for you.  There are clubs that specialize in golf and others that excellent tennis camps.  There are clubs that accept babies starting at age four months.  Parents have the option of spending the days with the children or sending them to camp for the day.  Something for everyone just tell us your requests and we’ll do our best to fulfill them.

Another great destination for families is Dude Ranches.  You can either “rough it” or go deluxe at someplace like Triple Creek Ranch.  There you will find not only wonderful trail rides, but excellent food, fly-fishing, swimming and beautiful accommodations.

One of the finest destinations in the United States for families is the Resort at Paws Up.  Once you have been there, you will return year after year.  Homes are available for rent, fishing and riding can be organized and overnight fishing trips are available as well. 


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